Multi Function Hook Rail

Every home entryway needs a FLEXI hook rail. Versatile in nature, the rail provides rigid hooks on its bottom half and surprises many with its sleek storage slot located on its upper half. Available in two practical lengths, the hook rail can be used as a single stand alone unit or can be combined in a row to provide additional capacity.    A single rectangular steel plate has been cut and bend to provide a minimalist look that can complement ones living or work space. The top slot is ideal for carrying cell phones, envelops, letters or any other flat item. The body is made out of powder coated steel to ensure withstanding heavy traffic and is available in black or grey.  ...

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Flexible Wall Organizer

Designed with the small space in mind, the BUNGEE organizer puts any wall on double duty. Whether it be used on the living room wall to showcase the recent family vacation pictures,  on the entryway wall to hold the various envelops that came from the mail or on the wall facing the work desk to post the latest to-do list of the week, the BUNGEE organizer offers its user endless possibilities limited only by ones imagination. Each item is handcrafted in Montréal in small batches.   Flexible bungee cords provide secure, flexible grip to a wide variety of everyday items. Whether it be a slim set of post it notes or bulkier sunglasses, one or more bungee cords can be...

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